Sycamore Kitchen

This kitchen was made from what we in Scotland call Sycamore (but the rest of the world calls European Maple). In fact the clients were really fortunate because the log (from the Dalmeny estate near Edinburgh) turned out to have lots of very beautiful rippled grain. This makes the the flat sanded and oiled surface look almost 3D, and it changes beautifully as you walk around it or as the light of the day changes. Sadly this also means it’s pretty much impossible to capture that in a still photograph.

The doors are all traditional frame and panel construction but in a clean modern style, with only a subtle bevel on the insides of the frames to add some understated elegance. The door panels are all solid sycamore and the larger door panels are beautifully book-matched.

The mobile island is a great feature in a kitchen that doesn’t quite have enough room for a permanent island, or in the situation where the home-owners just don’t want to be walking round it all the time. It lives between the two dressers most of the time but can be pulled into various positions as required: by the Aga as a cook’s workbench right where it’s required; by the sink for washing up, as a bar (there’s room for stools underneath it at the back) where your family or guests can sit while you cook; or as a means of taking food and plates to and from the table in the open-plan dining area.