Gothic Oak Bedroom Cabinet

This solid oak cabinet in a gothic style was designed to match other furniture in the same room.  That other furniture was an earlier commission also from Organic Geometry – take a look at the gothic bed here.

The client wanted drama and that classic gothic look in solid oak.  It also had to fit in a very specific place within the room, maximising the use of space.

This bespoke piece is finished in linseed oil, a really traditional finish – natural, classic, time-proven.  It gives the oak a great warm, tactile, woody feel.  And it helps to ensure this piece will age beautifully, getting slightly deeper in colour over the decades.

That concern for longevity is reflected in the solid brass hinges and handles.  These are premium quality, beautifully made, and are ‘antiqued’ to fit with the look.

The doors are made using traditional frame and panel construction, meaning the panel in the centre of the door “floats” within a slot cut into the frame.  That is to say the frame components are solidly jointed and glued together at the corners, but the panel itself is not glued in place at all.  It’s free to move within those slots cut in the inside edges of the frame.  That allows the panel to expand and contract as the humidity changes in the air over the seasons.