Extending (and shrinking) Sycamore Table

Sycamore Extending (and Shrinking) Table.  This is a great example of what a bespoke furniture maker can do for you.

This table, made from solid sycamore harvested in East Lothian, was commissioned for two situations: firstly, everyday use in the clients’ kitchen; secondly in extended mode in their living room for large family occasions like Christmas day.  The main design challenge was that the door connecting the two rooms was much narrower than a standard doorway.  So how to get a table that could go large enough but still fit through that door?  The answer was to create a standard-width table that extends lengthwise for those family occasions, but that’s capable of temporarily shrinking widthwise to slide through that narrow door.  It shrinks by using some specialist hinges that allow the two outmost boards to fold upwards and inwards.  The boards lock back down again into place and the hinges remain completely hidden when the table is in use.  The length is adjusted by slotting in either the short or long leafs at each end.