Almost every piece of Organic Geometry bespoke furniture is custom-designed and made specifically for the client who commissions it.  Happily, commissioning a piece is simple and rewarding.  Alasdair will start by understanding your broad requirements — what would you like this piece to do for you?  And do you already have any ideas you’d like to talk about? He’ll also touch on areas like your aesthetic preferences, the overall dimensions, your desired budget, and the intended setting for the piece.  Alasdair will create concepts and sketches from that initial conversation, and will work with you to refine the design until it exactly meets your needs and wants.  A complete price quotation will be included with the design.

So whether you have very clear ideas and specifications, or whether you have only the vaguest notions, then don’t worry just get in touch.  You’ll find all the contact details on the Contact page.

Arc Chair.  Contemporary chair in solid fumed oak with delicate sycamore detailing.

Only when you’re completely happy with the design and wish to proceed will we ask for a deposit (typically 50% of the total cost) to allow us to go ahead and make your bespoke furniture.