About Us

A bespoke coffee table hand made in Scotland from solid walnut and Scottish sycamore. Bespoke Furniture Makers

We make beautiful bespoke furniture for your home or work place.  Working almost entirely by commission, we custom design and handmake each piece to your exact desire.

The life of a furniture maker is a varied one!  They can be called upon to make a huge range of items.  Take a look at our gallery pages for some examples of what we do.  You’ll find everything from small coffee tables, through dining and extending tables, to bookcases, wardrobes and even full kitchens.

Our furniture has been exhibited across the UK, including the London Design Festival, Clerkenwell Design Week, and SFMA exhibitions in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Custom Design

Extending tables are a great example of what a bespoke furniture maker can do for you.  There are two specific requirements for an extending table: it needs to be just the right size in both its extended and every day modes.  It’s hard to find one that exactly fits both those requirements and matches all the other ones about looking right in your room, fitting your taste, and so on.  That’s where a bespoke furniture maker can really help you.  We’ll design you the perfect table that meets all your needs and wishes, looks fabulous in your home and lasts for a very long time indeed.  It’ll be a joy to own and a feature of your home, whether you’re raising kids around it, entertaining friends or spreading out the newspapers on a Sunday morning.

How we Make Our Furniture

Stripy shavings!

American Black Walnut and Sycamore stripy shavings.

Organic Geometry was founded by furniture maker Alasdair Easton, a graduate of the Chippendale International School of Furniture and winner of a Scottish Furniture Makers’ Association (SFMA) award.

We are committed to high standards and personal service.

Our furniture is hand crafted with great care.  As a furniture maker, there are a hundred ways to tackle any one challenge.  The techniques we choose to use are a combination of time-proved tradition and the best of modern thinking.  And at all stages it’s human hands and human eyes that are really doing the work: assessing the grain of the wood, calculating the best way to cut or plane, looking out for ‘character’ in the piece we’re working with.  That character could be anything from an especially beautiful area of grain to a problematic split.  The skill of the furniture maker is in deciding what effect it might have the on the finished piece and therefore how best to use it, or to reject it.

Those human hands need tools to work with though, and we have a philosophy here about tools: you can’t do good work with poor tools.  We have researched and invested in the best tools we can obtain.  These give better results, more reliably in less time.

Personal Service and Care

Even if we make the most phenomenal piece of furniture, we would consider ourselves to have failed if it’s not the right piece for you.  There’s more to being a great bespoke furniture maker than just being a skilled woodworker.  To be the best they have to be able to really listen, to truly understand what you want.

We will take time to sit down with you, either in person where possible, or ‘virtually’ if you’re at a distance.  It’s one of our key principles that we reach a true understanding of what you’d really like.  We’ll listen first.  Then we’ll use our experience as designers and furniture makers to ask careful questions and make considered suggestions.  Those will help draw out or clarify anything that’s unclear.  It’ll help you firm up your own ideas (if they’re not already clear) and it’ll make sure we set out to build the bespoke furniture you really want.

That care and attention will continue all through the commission.  We’ll keep you informed and updated, sending photos if you’d like.  And of course you’ll be welcome to come to the workshop.  You can see the actual boards of rough timber your furniture will be made from or visit the work in progress.

And once it’s completed we’ll give you advice on how to care for your handmade furniture.  For as long as you own it you’re welcome to give us a call and ask for advice.

Our Workshop: the furniture maker’s natural habitat

From the workshop door

From the workshop door. It’s a great view but it doesn’t always look this sunny.

We don’t run a factory operation.  Instead it’s a bright happy workshop.  Planks stacked along the walls, some terrifyingly sharp tools and machines, sawdust, a wood-burning stove, a kettle in the corner, and Pip, the workshop terrier.  Feel free to drop in.  It’s in East Lothian, near Gifford, a small village just north of the Lammermuir hills.  Stop by if you’re in the area or give us a call to plan a trip.  All the details you need are on the Contacts page.

In Alasdair’s own words:

“I love doing what I do.  It’s the satisfaction of working hard at something I believe in and care about.  I like to think that that care shows through in the finished work.”

Why on Earth are we called Organic Geometry?

Well, we hope it makes sense when you see the dictionary definitions below.

or·gan·ic \ôrˈganik\

  • Relating to, derived from, or characteristic of living plants and animals.
  • Characterized by the systematic arrangement of parts; organized; systematic: elements fitting together into a unified, organic whole.
  • Pertaining to any work of design regarded as analogous to plant or animal forms in having a structure and a plan that fulfill perfectly the functional requirements, and that form in themselves an intellectually lucid, integrated whole.

ge·om·e·try \jē-ˈo-mə-trē\

  • Concerned with the properties, relationships and measurement of points, lines, curves, angles surfaces and solids.
  • The shape or form of a surface or solid.



You might also want to look across at our other website, The Edinburgh Dresser. It’s the same people, the same workshop and the same philosophy, only devoted to one single product: luxury bespoke kitchen dressers. Please take a look.

This large dresser was custom-designed and handmade in East Lothian, Scotland by The Edinburgh Dresser Furniture Company (part of Organic Geometry Furniture).

This large dresser was custom-designed and handmade in East Lothian, Scotland by The Edinburgh Dresser Furniture Company (part of Organic Geometry Furniture).