A quick glance at the latest Bookcase

Here’s a quick look at my latest work, recently installed in the clients’ new home extension.  The bookcases are on a large scale, over 2.5m tall and almost 4m long.  The doors on the lower sections are sliding doors to save space in the room when open.

The worktop that divides the upper section from the lower is a beautiful piece of oak, and I’ve left on what’s called the “waney” edge – the edge of the tree with only the bark removed – so you get that great characterful irregular line flowing along the front of the unit.  It’s a great slice of nature running through an otherwise crisp, modern design.

The upper sections have a complex shelf layout which was the idea of the clients.  Given the large area spanned by the shelves, they thought regular shelves might have looked too regimented.  They wanted to break things up a bit although not to the point of chaos.  So they have that complex layout to give interest for the eye but there’s some symmetry in the design that maintains a sort of order.  I think it’s worked really well.

More photos will follow soon in the Gallery page.